As schools return we have relaunched our revolutionary road safety product ahead in a bid to reduce casualties on Irish roads.

Although most heavy goods vehicles have existing rigid lateral protection guards, they are positioned relatively high mainly because mounting them any lower runs the risk of damage from speed bumps, potholes and ramps. RotaRail is unique because its patented articulated arm design allows it to move backwards and forwards to cope with obstructions without compromising lateral safety and it enables it to be fitted much lower to the ground.

Research has shown that while the law requires lateral protection devices to be 500mm above the ground, this is too high to protect people in real-life situations. Unfortunately, this height is not satisfactory as we have seen an increase in the number of entanglement accidents each year which is very worrying.

The RotaRail allows the open space to be reduced, thereby greatly improving outcomes for pedestrians, cyclists and other vulnerable road users and reducing risk for truck operators and drivers. “Ours is the only device of its kind that allows the articulation of a safety rail while meeting all current road safety regulations.” Shane Twomey, Head of Design at RotaRail.

The product has worldwide applications and can be used on rigid and articulated trucks. It is currently being used by some of Musgrave’s fleet, which has one of the largest fleets in the country.